1. Thanks for the reminder to look at the positive! It is easy to get bogged down by all the things we need to do and all the ways we think we should be doing more. It is important to count our blessings. Thank you!

  2. Yes, yes, and yes!! I feel you on every point! Thank you for reminding that a great deal of my life is within my power to adjust. I forget that often. I want to show contentment and drive to my kids, not a complaining spirit.

  3. I like this. Lifes circumstances are all about perspective. This is definitely a glass half full practice. Great share. We need more of this thinking in the world.

  4. Love this! I think it was brave of you! It’s hard to write that in the first place then put it out there. But I think you hit the nail on the head when you said everyone goes through their ups and downs! We’ve all been there or we are there now!

  5. Oh my, it almost felt like I was reaing about myself, so many of the things you’ve listed resonate with what I’m going through at the moment and it’s great knowing that actualy I can make it better myself.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I am a huge believer in positive thinking. I can totally relate to the living situation thing, too. I am constantly listing the good things about our living situation!

  7. I absolutely loved reading this. I am in some of these same situations so I understand how you feel and how negative we can get and see things. Loved how you flipped them into something positive. I am using this same excercise every time I feel this way.

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