1. Such great tips! My first never took a bottle, since he breastfeed so long, he then went straight to a sippy cup. The twins were on bottles, and it seemed to take forever to ween them. The hardest part for me was not giving in for sure.I wish I would have had your tips!

  2. Kind of had a similar issue with my son, except it was weaning him off the boob to a bottle. I bought one of every bottle under the sun trying to find one that made him happy with no luck. Then, one day one of his daycare teachers suggested I try to cheap was-mart bottles because the nipples were so round and thick. After spending an ungodly amount of money on other brands, he ended up loving the parent choice bottles that would have only set me back about $10 bucks! Kids, man!!!!

  3. I am so glad my son make the switch super easy. The hardest part was finding the sippy cup he liked the best, but he made up for it by actually cup training himself.

  4. Stephanie

    Thank you so much for writing this article. It made me feel a lot better. Everyone is always downing me as a Mom bc my two and a half year old is still on a bottle. MY daughter I feel isn’t emotionally ready to let it go. The information you shared about putting the water in the bottle has also helped out a lot

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