1. These are really great things to do! Too 3 gingerbread house hot chocolate and make cookies 🍪 the best. But here it doesn’t get cold really but we can still do these things and pretend!

  2. Great list on activities , saving this suggestions. Winter is fun but sometimes I feel like there is not much to do. Thank you for sharing these awesome list.

  3. These are great ideas to keep the kids busy. We just moved to Alabama and I’m going to miss the snow! I’ve never been able to master the art of paper snowflakes but I practice every year.

  4. Great ideas! We do a “practice” Christmas where we practice wrapping and opening our presents. We draw a name, then pick something funny that we already have to “give” them. The kids wrap and then we open the presents and practice using good manners about the gift we received. It is fun (and funny!)

  5. Oh how I wish my family can experience snow! We’ll definitely build snowman when that time comes! I love your tip about Going for a drive and see the lights. We’re doing it here in the Philippines, checking out the Christmas trees of several establishments.

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