1. I was just talking about this with one close friend. As a mom of two we are more than just moms. So from a mom to another mom. Keep up the hard work you are doing!

  2. It is so easy to feel like you’ve lost yourself in being a mum, remembering the amazing job you are doing is one thing but it is so important to make just a little bit of time for yourself. Whether it’s reading a book you’ve wanted to read for ages or going for a night out, doing things to keep in touch with yourself is amazing therapy.

  3. Being a mom is the most amazing thing in the whole world–to me, at least. I work so I don’t stay home, but even still, the only term I want to categorize myself into is “mom” because it’s now my favorite thing about my identity. My daughter and my little baby in-utero mean more to me than anything!!

  4. Julia

    Such a wonderful post!! And so true we are so much more than just mom!! …it may be hard to remember sometimes, but we our still our own person beside being that role as mom and getting away for a day of momming is always healthy!

  5. great post i ama young mom and i also feel same way sometimes. insecurity sucks but we need to be present and mindful that raising a kid is the most difficult job one can have.

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