1. Alexandra

    Absolutely! When our 6 kids were young, we made two “movies” (on a honkin’ big camcorder!) Now in their 30s, THEY love watching them with their kids.

  2. It’s funny because is just took a video of my kids dancing to a just dance video and it’s hilarious. I often get lazy to record them doing something funny but it’s so worth it. I love looking back at the video a few years later to re-live the precious memories!

  3. Yes, they should know what they used to be and get crazy when our kids grow up. My kid is a fan of his crazy videos and loves watching them over and repeating his craziness , lol.

  4. I’m always filming random little moments and uploading them to a family YouTube page that we created. It’s so interesting how those little moments of just random life feel so precious when you watch them just a few months later. Time goes so fast with little ones!

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