1. I recently took a week off from blogging while my family was on vacation, and I agree that it was not the best idea. My page views nosedived and I regret not trying to find a guest post . I’m not on Tailwind yet, but I know being able to schedule pins would be super helpful. What an insightful blog post!

  2. This is great info! I am a teacher and this will be my first September blogging. I’ve been wondering how to handle this busy time of year. Thanks for these tips!

  3. Blogging is all about having a ton of content. If you don’t have extra you can also re-promote non-seasonal posts from earlier in the year. Definitely not the job you can just leave stagnant for a week…

  4. Hah! Honestly, it’s taken me til 2017 to get to where I AM publishing a new post each week – and I started in 2014! Scheduling out posts ahead of time is definitely something I’ve tried to do to help keep life from intervening (as it often seems to do as the primary-parent-on-duty who still has another year to go til BOTH kids are in school ALL day). I’d say it’s OK to cut yourself a little slack, new mama – yes you’re doing this to make money, but for goodness sake, taking a little break to put your family first will just give you that much more rich content down the line, not to mention some much needed perspective 🙂

  5. I normally schedule post too if I would like to take a break from blogging just to make sure my readers has something to read while I am away. Great tips for bloggers .Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yikes! I’m just getting started with my blog, so I’m usually still oozing with fresh content. However, I will definitely think about scheduling my posts if I decide to take a vacay!

  7. Karen Lizarraras

    Oh man these are great tips. I want to plan for a “blogcation” sometime soon and I am definitely going to follow your tips!

  8. Thanks for the tips! We have a trip coming up in September and I never thought about scheduling posts as I didn’t realize taking a short break would really affect my blog!

  9. This is such an honest post, as I too experienced it recently when I went for a 5 days vacation. 6th day I didn’t want to write rather asked one of my guest blogger to share me something to put up. But I lost so much traffic in those 5days and it even dipped my ranks!

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