1. It’s amazing how no matter how many times you give birth, you still learn new things! Or forget the old! I’ve had 3 kids and even with my 3rd, I was learning new things. Thanks for a great post!

  2. Amen to the Dermoplast and not going anywhere! I actually felt 10x better after my second child than I did after my first, I think because I knew better what to expect and I didn’t have to have a magnesium drip the second time around. That magnesium is horrible stuff!

  3. I have two girls and it was really hard for me to transition once the second one was born. Managing my time while being super tired as well as making sure my older daughter’s needs were being fulfilled. It is a constant battle now, one year later. We are always learning.

  4. These are such great points. It’s always great to read stuff like this as it stops you from feeling all alone. I was emotionally all over the show. And it’s definitely different when you’ve got more than one child.

  5. Number 1 is right on! With my son I could feel these after birth contractions, but they weren’t painful. I remember thinking, ‘Neat, you can feel your uterus go back to size.’ Second time around- Ouch! It was not as interesting as the first time.

  6. These are great tips. I just recently had my 4th as well. I think after birth contractions were the worst this time around, no one tells you that stuff.

  7. Yes! I swear I could write a novel length reply on this subject! I have three kids myself and each experience was so vastly different! I had one that was in the NICU and his was the birth that sent me through a loop! I can agree with all of the great points you made (especially the taking FOREVER to get anywhere) and the fact that Lanolin is a gift from God! Great post!

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