1. Thanks for sharing what had worked! I was considering the blog by number course but got so distracted after I was about to get it! Good for you on educating yourself. I’ve been blogging also for 3 months and it’s been hard to find the time and balance for sure. Great post. After reading it I don’t feel so alone in this!

  2. I am excited for this Mini Course. I am new to the Blogger’s world and I am very concerned if f one day I will have enough subscribers or I’ll end up giving up on the idea of blogging . I hope this course will give some directions.

  3. I usually don’t sign up for those blogger courses, because I feel they would be overwhelming and not beneficial. I know they always claim to be, but I’m very skeptical. Thank you for offering some free options.

  4. Prachi

    You have no idea how timely this post is! I just started 10 days back and I am going to follow this 🙂 already subscribed!

  5. This is definitely an interesting, and timely, read for me. I am less than a week in to blogging (although i have been on instagram for much longer) and am.still finding my feet for sure. I never realised pinterest was suxh an essential when it came to blogging, I obviously still have lots to learn

  6. I think your experience will really help others! I came into it blindly, so it would have really been useful. There’s so much to learn!

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