1. Sometimes I’m torn on whether my toddlers stubborn attitude is from being a toddler or being stubborn. It’s probably a little of both. I really need to work on the last idea and show him more love. My husband is constantly reminding me honey catches more flies than vinegar, but it is so hard to stay cool collected in the moment.

    • staycalmmomma

      I know what your feeling Baily. I have that problem constantly. It is super tough to hold your patience but so worth it.

  2. Oh this is such helpful advice! I read somewhere to ask them when they get upset things aren’t going their way if it was a big problem or a small problem. But it is always a big problem- so not helpful advice for us!

  3. I love that your ideas do not include “giving in” and that what you did in your examples. One of my biggest fears is that we will enable this type of behavior In our daughter as she gets older. Stubbornness is not a bad thing, but trying to find the line of where they still know you are boss is not easy!

    • staycalmmomma

      Im right with ya Kelsey! I find that line hard to come by as well. But I know that trying to teach my son what is right is so necessary to raising a good person.

  4. It’s been a while since my daughter had a tantrum. The most memorable one — a trip to WalMart. She decide to sit in the middle of the aisle and have a screaming fit. Knowing I couldn’t stop it, I just asked her to move her tantrum to the side so she wouldn’t get hit by a moving cart. She paused. Moved her. Lay down again and resumed!

  5. Love these tips—I use them all the time and can back you up that they work! I think we use the alone time most often, as well. It can be so easy to want to “micromanage” the situation as parents, but sometimes stepping away for a few moments is exactly what everyone needs.

  6. I just had a fight with my 3-year-old and here I am searching for how to deal with stubborn kids. I’ll keep these tips in mind. I’m not sure about the alone time , though. Because I sure can’t put him alone in his room because the more he is throwing a fit, the more he wants to be close to me. In fact, if I’m reprimanding him and he knows I’m angry, he’ll go closer to me and even cling to me real hard. haha

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