• staycalmmomma

      I know right Shelby? It is one of those bitter sweet things to think on. You want it to pass but don’t!

  1. I love it all. It’s like they’re teeny babies and you blink and they’re 4. Every time you blink they’re 4 years older. We can’t stop it, we may as well embrace them.

  2. People don’t realize the power of a short snuggle! Kids don’t need TONS of attention, but daily reminders that you’re there for them and love them are great. A short snuggle session is an excellent way to be close with them, even if just for a short while.

  3. As a work at home mom, it’s hard to sometimes truly escape from my laptop, but whenever one of my kids asks me specifically to play with them, especially when they want to read a book, I do so with them.

    • staycalmmomma

      Since I started blogging, I too struggle with pulling myself away sometimes. But I know its so worth it.

  4. These are all great tips. Positive affirmations has definitely been helpful for me. My kids do so much better when I am praising them regularly.

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