1. I really wish I used more of these when I was pregnant. My oldest likes to say “mommy likes me more because I didn’t give her stretch marks” HAHAHA. My second child wasn’t so nice in that department.

    • staycalmmomma

      Ugh, don’t I know it took my third baby to give me the two small ones I have. haha good for your first born.

    • staycalmmomma

      If you apply the coconut oil. It can help to lighten your stretch marks and make them less visible, if that’s something your looking for Chrissie.

    • staycalmmomma

      Hi Elyse. I usually apply the palmers lotion if I am preventing the stretch marks, so all through pregnancy. And I love to use the coconut oil on the stretch marks I have to help them disappear. Yes you can apply both at once, however I would recommend maybe alternating nights of applying.:)

  2. I used coconut oil for my second and third pregnancies. I did have stretch marks from my first pregnancy, but I do think the coconut oil stopped any more from popping up.

  3. I love cocoa butter! Especially Palmers! I really wish I would have use it more though from my first pregnancy to my last. Oh, well. I still use it even though I haven’t been pregnant since 2005. I just love the smell and silkiness of it.
    Michelle/ Life of an Imperfect Mom

  4. Adequate moisturization and hydration is KEY during pregnancy – but some women do seem more prone to them. I only got one small stretch mark over my appendectomy scar during my first pregnancy, and at 32 with baby 2, I have yet to see one! Thanks for the awesome tips – definitely will be taking some of these to heart as I grow rather quickly in these last few weeks. Thanks for sharing! <3

    • staycalmmomma

      Congrats Savannah! Best of luck with your little one and no stretch marks. Thank you for your comment!

  5. I was so bad with using cream with my first that all those marks set in and now I am on my third pregnancy 4 years later and I hope it can be a little better this time. I Will definitely try the coconut oil! Thanks for the tips.

  6. These are what I used when I was pregnant. I still go stretch marks but they weren’t nearly as bad as they could’ve been. So I got this postpartum stretch mark cream afterwards that really seemed to help too.

  7. haha my stomach looks like a road map for real so I’m long past this! I wish I could say I could’ve prevented it but I tried everything and I’m totally a believer in genetics

    • staycalmmomma

      I will say some are more prone to it than others. But like I said you should embrace your tiger stripes. They mean you sacrifice for your kiddos.

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