1. Wow, that’s so truly shared. It’s all about learning from each other & make things more & more better And specially I Loved “No comparison” piece!

  2. I cannot agree more on this. Well written! I believe in your thoughts that we, mothers, should not compare. Instead, we should learn from each other and inspire each other. Spead the love, mommas! 🙂

  3. I love this post! So often people are in competition with one another. Yet, there’s so much to learn from someone else, especially for a newbie like me!

    • staycalmmomma

      I think we could even learn from the Newbies as well. I learn so much from first time moms and I am an almost 4th time mom.

  4. I totally watch other moms as well to learn from them! I love seeing how they handle toddlers especially because Terrible Two’s and Three’s are impossible!

  5. I love this article, because a lot of people judge without really trying to understand where someone is coming from – watching them and waiting with your comment or critique is a great way to open yourself up to the world. What I also would like to add is listening. Listen first. You don’t know what type of day someone has had, or their kid. It alwasy makes me thing of that story of Covey. He was disapproving of a guy whose kids were all mayhem in the subway. But then he learned their mother just died, and they were riding back from a night in the hospital.

  6. This is fantastic! There is so much out there about moms comparing ourselves to each other that we feel we can’t watch each other without comparing. I totally agree with you that there is so much we can learn from each other without comparing! I read a book recently on Dutch parenting for my blog and I found it so interesting that no matter how different we may be, we all want the same things – happy, healthy kids! We could all benefit from learning from each other!

    • staycalmmomma

      I agree Vicki, all we want is our kids to be healthy and happy! And we could all benefit and learn from each other. Thanks

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