1. Manners seem to have go out the window in this day and age. Young people swearing and talking back. People not opening up doors for the elderly or giving up seats so pregnant women or the elderly can sit. When are please, thank you, and you’re welcome ever used? It’s such a shame. I so glad you are taking the time to teach your little ones these manners. To some people its a small thing, too others it’s a huge thing. Thank You! 🙂
    Michelle/ Life of an Imperfect Mom

    • staycalmmomma

      Thank you Michelle, I am hoping too the art of manners doesn’t fade. I see so much of what you are talking about and don’t want to see my kids in those positions.

  2. I generally agree with this list, except for the lady and gentleman part. I’m from the south and believe that everyone should hold the doors open whenever they can. I also think everyone should be polite and try to be a good/decent person to others.

  3. This is a great post and one that every parent should use to set goals. As kids get older, they need to have these manners already engrained into their brains so it become second nature.Great job!

  4. Great job mamma for starting early on teaching these
    manners. My twins are 20 months old and I’ve already started teaching them to help put toys away at the end of the day and evej to help me unload dishes (basically forks and spoons) from the dishwasher. They are at an age that all of these for them are fun and it’s a game for them.

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