1. This is really interesting! I know way too many people who had their dummies for far too long as babies becaues their parents couldnt deal with the tantrums

  2. Very useful post to those dealing with this. I got lucky, my son never really was into binkies. I would try to get him to use one just for cute pictures, but he was not having it. It was a blessing in the end. I’m sure many new mommies will find your post very useful.

  3. I never used pacifiers for either of my babies however my younger one used to suck her thumb until she was three and it was difficult to get her weaned off it. I like your advise and tips.

  4. Our Family World

    Thanks for these tips. My children, however, did not use pacifiers. I mean, I tried, but they just won’t take it. I did not know that using pacifiers could reduce the incidence of SIDS. I will share this article with friends with newborns.

  5. I would never have thought of giving the toddlers a smaller pacifier to get them frustrated and ultimately giving up on them. Although you are right that would be the purpose to get them to stop using one. I never had the problem. My daughter took the pacifier home and developed a rash after the first week and never really wanted one again. So I never really had to do anything to wean her off one.

  6. I have 2 kids, my eldest didn’t love pacifier but my 3-yr old daughter used it for few months. It’s been a relief whenever she sucks it leaving her at peace in sleep. Btw, great post in here.

  7. After specific time a baby is used to pacifier and it is very difficult to wean their habits. Very nice summation on how to wean baby from pacifiers.

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