Challenge for the emotional momma!

Challenge for the emotional momma!

Wow, it has been a crazy couple of weeks! So glad to finally be up and blogging again. I know all of us feel a little overwhelmed at times and just need to cut back a little. I feel like I have had a few set backs emotionally lately and it has got be thinking on what I can do to pull myself out of this hole. So I have decided to try and challenge myself on a  few things and take you along on my small journey to feeling top notch. Also give you a little insight on what my results are so I can help other moms in the same boat.

Two Month Work Out Challenge!

I Know I am not the only mom who struggles with her body image after having a baby. It has been crazy to look at myself and know I have looked (and could look) way better. And I feel like if I look better then I will be feeling so much better about myself.

That being said I went to my family for help on coming up with a great way we can better our bodies to be what we know they should be. Here is a list of what we will be doing for the next 8 weeks ( starting Tuesday Sept. 5th.)

  •  You must cut out a temptation. I decided to cut out chocolate, it tempts me the most and come on ladies we know its dang good but not the healthiest. And its only 8 weeks how bad could it be. LOL
  • Do a 20 minute daily workout. This workout can be as long as your favorite sitcom episode and you must break a sweat.
  • Text the group chat that you are done. Create a text chat with the friends or family who are doing this challenge with you. Text them Before 9 pm daily that you have completed your 20 min. workout and didn’t touch your temptation for that day.
  • Have a penalty. I have found that having a penalty keeps me in check and helps me to commit to the challenge. Our penalty is for everyday you don’t accomplish the workout goal you must pay $5 into a jar that will be put towards a charity or something ( we will determine where it will go afterwards.)
  • Support each other. Help out those in the challenge. Give them a smile or a “you can do this” text when you are feeling its tough. Helping them will help you too:)

All of us on this challenge are hoping the outcome helps us feel a lot better about ourselves. Feel free to do this challenge along with us and leave comments on how it is going for you!

Emotional uplift

Gratitude Helps

It has been tough lately trying to keep my emotions together. Having a baby can have that effect. However, I know I don’t like it this way and want to make it better. So I have decided along with the physical, challenge I will try an mental one as well and text to my challenge buddies three things I am thankful for that day. I know gratitude for what you have boosts happiness.

Get my kids out.

I have also found that if I get my kids out of the house every day for a small amount of time helps immensely! Even if its just a car ride. They are happier and I feel less stress when they are this way.

So my wonderful audience of readers, if you are feeling a down slump in your life right now feel free to try this challenge with me! I would love for you to join. I will give an update here and there to let you all know how it goes.


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